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Titanium Fetlock Boot - Grey

Designer: Lorenzini

£55.00 £110.00

These fetlock boots are lightweight, durable with an elegant design with titanium inserts for maximum protection and comfort. Featuring an asymmetric central section, the boots maintain the correct position on the horse's leg to prevent the boot form turning, providing maximum protection against injuries and bruising. 

The soft elastic straps are durable and adjustable to provide a secure fit without exerting undue pressure on the leg of the horse. Lorenzini have worked in conjunction with professional International riders to design these innovative boots and are suitable for use in a variety of equestrian disciplines to offer protection, security and comfort.

Colours available: Black or Grey

Sizes available: Medium and Large 

Please note that Medlium fits most horses. Please only select large if you would usually opt for an Extra Large or Extra Full size. 

Technical features: 

  • Adjustable soft elastic straps 
  • 4 layers of gel shock absorption and anti rotation at the inner and rear areas of the boot
  • 3 layers of gel shock absorption at the outer area of the boot
  • Titanium inserts for maximum protection against injury and bruises
  • Upper central point of the boot is adapted for perfect fit, protection and shock absorption
  • Latest generation of breathable neoprene padding for the inner lining to protect the leg against sweat, moisture and bacteria


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