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Style Vs Safety

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You would choose safety right?

Well, luckily in recent years, you no longer have to choose. 
Hat technology has changed huge amounts over time, in comfort, safety and design giving riders no excuse to ride without one. Most of the hats on the market today are much lighter in weight, breathable and are tested rigorously, yet finished with sublime detailing - I'm talking Swarovski crystals, python skin, or an all over mirrored finish just to name a few. You can even have it custom made to your own bespoke specification, and hey, why not really make it yours by adding a name plate on the back?!

There was once a time it was classed as 'fashionable' to ride without one,
but oh how the tables have turned.

It's 2017 and its the battle of the hats. 

I hugely respect the high-profile riders such as Charlotte Dujardin who wear crash hats - the amount of media coverage and marketing they receive whilst wearing one I feel has done wonders to the non-hat wearing community! But also the younger generation as well who will no doubt be looking up to and aspiring to be like them.


You only have one head at the end of the day, and the outcome will always be 'I wish I wore a hat' - So why take the risk? Well, here are the most popular reasons:

"I can't wear a hat in the show ring, I will be penalised"

 The current BHSA rule book clearly states that a British standard safety hat is recommended to be worn at all times and therefore should have no impact on your scoring.

"Its not tradition"

Perhaps not, but does that really matter?
Is there any justification for valuing tradition over safety?


"Im a very experienced rider" 

So is Charlotte Dujardin who fractured her skull whilst riding at home hat free. Now she never rides without one. Accidents happen anywhere, anytime and when we least expect them. To everyone.

"Helmets are hot and uncomfortable"

There are many styles available that feature air vents to keep your head cool whilst you ride. Samshield for instance feature air vents and are feather light, so you'll hardly notice your wearing a hat!


"Hats give me headaches"

Then your hat doesn't fit properly and is likely to be either too narrow for you or a pressure point is being caused somewhere on the head. Go for a hat fitting and try on as many styles as possible to get what's right for you.

"It will mess up my hair"

So would a catastrophic skull injury. Just sayin'!


So hopefully we all agree wearing a hat is a good idea...

But which one do you choose? 
Getting fitted by a professional is the most important element, which is why we don't sell our hats online. Hats come in all different shapes and sizes - just because you may be a 56cm in a Charles Owen AYR8, doesn't mean you'll be a 56cm in a Charles Owen J3 jockey skull. Go to your nearest tack store to get fitted properly! 



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