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It's A Hat Trick: The New Hicks & Brown Collection

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With Spring officially underway, is there really a better time to invest in the iconic fedora?
Hicks & Brown have been the talk of the countryside for a while now. Not only are they incredibly stylish, they are water resistant and totally crushable. A.K.A - Sit proof. I've accidentally sat on mine a few times now... but they just pop back into place!


Although I have to be honest, I've never really been a hat person. Ever.


You know there are just some people that look so effortlessly glamorous in a fedora or even a baseball hat? Well, I was not one of them. I always thought I looked as though I should be heading out on a ranch ready to lasso livestock which isn't the look I ideally go for...  

But with a bit of wishful thinking, I tried one on and to be fair it looked OK. I mean I was in my uniform at the time so the whole look wasn't really working out. But none the less, I was totally fed up with my coat hoods blowing down when walking the dogs, or reminiscing about Badminton last year where I had complete outfit envy, that I decided to buy one. They were everywhere! Yet they all looked so different and thats what I love about the Hicks & Brown range, they cater for everyone - They go from traditional to quirky in lots of different colours depending on your style and because of the natural feathers, no hat is exactly the same making them totally unique. 

 Plus, they stay really secure on your head too, so you don't need to worry about your hat flying off in the wind at an occasion and having to frantically run after it. God that would be awkward...


But before I knew it, My fedora collection was growing and I always get compliments on them. The most popular comments being "I love the feathers" and "You're hat is so nice!"- Its always a lovely feeling when a part of your outfit is admired by others.

So now that I have been completely converted, my daily struggles are sorted...

What should I do with my hair? Hat.

I really need to get my roots done... Hat.

Hat hair? Cover with another hat.

 We are so excited to be stockists for Hicks & Brown, The collection is available in store and online. The question now is, which one will you choose?!

Emily X




 The Game Bird Feather: Dark Brown £89.00

The Guinea & Pheasant Feather: Camel £89.00

The Game Bird Feather: Dark Green £89.00

The Guinea Wrap: Black £95.00

The Guinea & Pheasant Feather: Grey £89.00

The Aldeburgh: White £65.00

The Classic Feather: Dark Brown £89.00

The Classic Feather: Navy £89.00


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