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Is Yellow The New Black?

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 Without a doubt, Secchiari is my favourite brand.
I love the fact that it's a family run business behind it all which has been handed down through three generations of boot makers, yet after all these years, they still remain the same handmade, quality delights they have always been known for. 
My favourite thing about the range is seeing a customers face when they see the display of boots.

It's either "OH MY GOD, I LOVE THEM' or it's the complete opposite!"

They are definitely a talking point, and certainly not for the faint hearted.
But thats the beauty of the range, you can be completely and utterly outrageous or remain classic & traditional in your design. With a multitude of leather swatches and trims to choose from, the possibilities really are endless. 


 I love that they have the ability to cross over from equestrian to town as well. 

"I would totally wear the yellow with skinny jeans, a simple tee and this beautiful leather biker jacket I've got my eye on"

it's not just about looks though, they all feature a Vibram sole for superior comfort and have been designed and constructed with the professional rider in mind who are no doubt riding 10+ horses a day. 

So, you have two choices: Off the Shelf or Made to Measure.

1. Off The Shelf

As the name suggests, a range of foot sizes with four different heights and a range of calf widths means you can essentially walk into store and find a pair of boots that will more or less fit you as best a non-made to measure boot would, all with the handmade and flawless finish of Secchiari.

2. Made to Measure

Here is where you get to think outside the box a little & create the boots of your dreams. We have a range of made to measure boots in store to get the creative juices flowing! But the options are endless here! 


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